The Overseas Connection Podcast #69

Posted by Murphys Law on June 23, 2010

The Overseas Connection Podcast #69

Episode 69 – E3 hangover

The Overseas Connection welcomes back Murphys Law to the host desk after he ventured out to Los Angeles for E3.   Join Murphys Law, Chin Chinny and CPM1376,  as we talk post show E3 rumors and breaking news, new releases,  the question of the week and where exactly Skullduggerer vanished to.

Topics Covered this week:

  • What game or hardware impressed you at E3?
  • $149.99 price for Kinect confirmned via Microsoft Store?
  • GT5 to include more than just racing.
  • Reggie says pick up a 3DS next March.
  • Microsoft to launch a $199 version of the 360 S.
  • $50 price cut to all old version Xbox 360’s.
  • DC Universe wants you to pony up $15 a month.
  • Square Enix talking to Microsoft about FFIVX
  • Wii menu version 4.3 brings changes
  • $99 Xbox Live Family Plan announced.

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