TCM Podcast E98 – Only One More Show Before E100

Posted by BigSmooth8 on February 7, 2010

TCM Podcast E98 – Only One More Show Before E100

This week we talk about our the games we played this week and yes we have played a shit load of Mass Effect 2.  We have some news and contest details announced for the upcoming show 100.  If you’d like to win yourself a free game make sure to check out the details on this podcast.  We have a few great emails to finish up our show. Download and enjoy.

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6 Responses to “TCM Podcast E98 – Only One More Show Before E100”

  1.  The Conductor says:

    100 – 98 = 2.

    How is it one more to go?

  2.  DarkZios says:

    @ The Conductor : It’s the sense that 98 is already Done so there is only one Show to do before the Big One.

  3.  The Conductor says:

    @ DarkZios. haha perhaps.

    I shall see you under my boot in the Uncharted 2 tourney.

  4.  BigSmooth8 says:

    That right Zios I meant one more real show before the big shit fest we are going to call Episode 100.

    Also I hope we get some contest entries for the free “game of your choice” giveaway.

  5.  DarkZios says:

    @ The Conductor : I hope you bring your “A” game buddy. We shall put you to the test…Or I will atleast

  6.  The Conductor says:

    @Zios You ain’t no thang, kid.

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