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Episode 25 – Insert Quarter to Play

The Overseas Connection Podcast celebrates the 25th episode this week by doing more of the same. Join Murphys Law, BigBadDaddy, FandA Eternal and special guest host Anrdo…errr…Adrockski as we tackle the weekly news, new releases, listener emails and discuss gaming along with a few rants.   Topics…

TCM Podcast E75

Just the Two of Us Two of the Couch Mercs show up in the Merc cave for a show.  Join Highclass and BigSmooth8 for a fun night with tons of good news.  Some life changing news for Highclass.  We announce a new Feature or Article on the site from DarkZios.  We also cover recent news and listener mail. …

Episode 24 – Using a Spare Thumbstick

The Overseas Connection Podcast is short a man this week, so we break into the closet and pullout a spare Thumbstick to fill the shoes of Chin Chinny.  Join Murphys Law, Big Bad Daddy, FandA Eternal and special guest host Andockski as we delve into: this weeks breaking news, new game releases, the “rant”…

E74 – The Bachelors party show

Hey guys, On this show we talk about what we’ve been up to and give you and update on all we have been playing.  Other than that we have a short show with only two emails.  But we still bring it to ya.  Enjoy and give it a download.  We love our listeners. Listen to it Rss Podcast feed iTunes

OC Episode 23 – Damn that’s a big Moth!

The Overseas Connection Podcast turns it up a notch this week. Join Murphys Law, BigBadDaddy, FandA Eternal and Chin Chinny as they fire off the weekly news, new releases, listener emails Topics & Games discussed:     Question of the Week: Video game prices, where do you draw the line? How much…

The Couch Mercenaries – E73 For Real Yo

The Couch Mercenaries are back on track with another show in my Merc Cave. We like to freestyle and keep it real for you suckas out there. We have news, emails and tons of females. err. never mind. Download and listen. It’s back on track.

The Overseas Connection – E22 High Energy

The Overseas Connection Podcast pulls into the station with the fuel tank near empty this week. Regardless of the slow week in news we still cover it like nobody else can. We bring you the new releases, the little news that there is, our listener mail and of course The Rant.

The Couch Mercenaries – E73 er… 72 Patched Together Like Frankenstein

Well if it was going to go wrong it probably did. Smooth being out of town AGAIN meant another Skype show for the TCM regulars. With connection issues, some constraints and choppiness, the TCM Podcast is able to give you guys the best we could despite all the setbacks. Smooth promises free beer to all…

The Overseas Connection – E21 We’re Legal

The Overseas Connection Podcast is in rare form for the show. We cover the weekly game challenge and yes we actually played it this week, new releases, listener mail and our segment The Rant and of course the latest breaking news. Enjoy

The Couch Mercenaries – E71 Warm Welcome

In this show we talk about the recent news and welcome new sites to our network. Join Gothic, Dbird, Smooth and Highclass in a good old fashion show. We have a Murphys Shot and some funny emails to keep us talking. Download and enjoy.

The Overseas Connection – E20 The Subdued Show

The Overseas Connection Podcast is almost back to full strength. BigBadDaddy makes a miraculous recovery but unfortunately Chin Chinny suffers the ill fated Swine Flu or a hangover…we are not sure which. Murphys Law and FandA Eternal out the cast as we cover the weekly game challenge, new releases…

The Couch Mercenaries – E70 Shit on Smooth Skype Special

This show is dedicated to all of the listeners that wished someone would shit on Smooth a whole show. We have Yodathe3rd, FandA Eternal, Murphys Law, Detective Bird and BigSmooth8 to give you a fucked up show on Skype. I didn’t edit much out of it for the simple fact that you’ll love to…

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