Street Fighter 4 Review

Street Fighter 4 Review

Street Fighter 4

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: Feb 17, 2009 XBOX 360, PS3, PC

Well the long wait is over and we can finally sink our teeth into Capcom’s tour de force known as Street Fighter 4. Ever since the early trailers of this game were released, the hype wagon began to roll. Street Fighter 3 (Third Strike) was a good game but fell short of hitting a chord with the North American game market. Perhaps it was the exclusion of most of the Street Fighter 2 cast that propelled that feeling. However, Street Fighter 4 is a return to form for Capcom’s beloved fighter. Does Street Fighter 4 live up to that hype? Yes. Yes and then some my friend.

Gameplay – 5 – SF4, as usual, offers the player a very diverse control scheme allowing several presets for controls and button mapping configurations. The games moves and combos have been toned down from previous installments in the series and are much easier to execute and pull off on command. Despite the fact that the XBOX 360 sports a subpar D-pad, this game can be played quite well just using the analogue controls. Whether it is a quick quarter turn or Ryu’s signature Shryouken, the game controls respond well and allow SF4 to be fun like none other. There is also a few trial areas as well that help train your skills and learn new combos and tricks. The online game play is outstanding. Matchmaking based around connection allows for fluid games with little to no lag. The game makes it easy to challenge those in the community and your friends as well. Capcom throws in a pile of unlockable titles and icons for your online profile and we have a total online package. Well done Capcom.

Sound – 4 – SF4 sounds like a Street Fighter game. The sound effects are excellent from the grunting to the hitting to the shouting it’s all well done. The announcer isn’t all that bad either but he can get a little annoying after a while but there is the option to turn him off. The intro song is catchy but a little to “boy band” for Street Fighter I thought. Perhaps Capcom should consider a track from Slipknot or Disturbed next time?

Visuals – 5 – Street Fighter, to me, is always going to have to be a 2D fighter. Perhaps it’s because I’m a little old fashioned but to me, it’s what makes SF unique and fun. Capcom held true to those roots and added some spectacular 3D effects when players executed their “Ultra” moves. Character faces change as they exchange blows making for a more authentic feeling fighter. The background visuals are all moving and ever changing. But most noticeably upgraded are the character models themselves. They are all magnificent and look fresh and updated. The color palate is rich and vivid and the art style brings out the characters in a cartoon like way but without feeling too much like a cartoon. It’s like Capcom has found the perfect balance here.

X-Factor – 5 – Without a doubt, SF4 has lived up to the hype and then some. If there is only to be one fighter type game in your game library this year then it has to be this one. To me, it feels like Capcom took all the good and all the bad from all the Street Fighter games and filtered all the good and then added a  little extra goodness on top of it all  for SF4. It’s a must have for any fan of fighting games. Street Fighter 4 rolls in 5 out of 5 shots.

Category Scores:

Game Play – 5
Sound – 4
Visuals – 5

X-Factor – 5

Overall Score: 5 Shots out of 5

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