Medal Of Honor

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Medal Of Honor, Beta Impressions

 Jun 20 2010, 08:47 AM
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Well, I’ve been in the closed beta since Saturday Morning. And here are my quick impressions on the game.

First, I’m just going to say the game looks decent. It’s no shiner in the visual department, but with all the chaos, and gun fire the game holds up nicely. Although there is little destruction, some objects can be blown up, but no where near the level of Bad Company 2 or even Bad Company for that Matter.

The also Major point, I’d like to make is that this game Sounds Incredible. I mean from your Gun, to the simple Bullets wising by your head, this game has nailed the sound of combat. And really makes you feel like your in these combat zones, now onto gameplay.

Gameplay is simple, Run and Gun. Now the one thing that Medal of Honor does Wrong, is in the gameplay department. Don’t get me wrong it’s a Fun Game to play, but doesn’t take skill to earn any kill. Seeing as All the Guns have No Recoil, it makes it easy to run around and blind-fire with your Sniper or every gun at this point. Also, I’m really starting to see people run around with their RPG’s out and Hit you once then flip back to their standard Rifle. The one cool thing about the Gameplay, is each kill earns you a set amount of Points 10 points for a normal kill, 15 points for a Headshot kill and so on. Once you have a set amount, you get dare I say Perk, allowing you to either have a Radar displayed showing your enemies or the second option giving you a air strike or an missile in which you control. The gameplay is there, but it feels to much like Call of Duty mixed with Bad company, which doesn’t sound like a bad thing until you play Medal of Honor. Compared to titles like Killzone 2 which have so much depth to them, Medal of Honor falls way short. And to me doesn’t reach that $69.99 Price point.

Side Note : If you get the beta, I’d wait a few days, unless you like it freezing your PS3. I’ve had to turn my System off So many times, due to the game has frozen.

Beta Verdict: Stick to the shooter you are now Playing

Murphys Law
 Jun 20 2010, 08:01 PM
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To be honest, this was the same impression we got at E3. Its a cross between MW2 and BFBC2, but not in a good way.

 Jun 21 2010, 07:30 AM
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that’s sad man. I was really looking forward to this game. Oh well… I’ll stick to the shooters I have now.

Thanks for the info Vartell.

 Jun 24 2010, 12:58 AM
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I’m waiting for the beta to roll out over here July 5th. I’m still optimistic it may please. We’ll see.
What objective modes are on the the beta?
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