GothicMike’s First Stunt!!

GothicMike’s First Stunt!!

You guys wanted it and now you have it.  Take a look at his first stunt for 10$.  All proceds will be paid towards the GothicMike PS3 Fund.

We will set up a Paypall account and see if any of you guys want to donate towards his cause… you can suggest more stunts for him to do… as long as they don’t cause him any “long term” harm.

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8 Responses to “GothicMike’s First Stunt!!”

  1.  BigSmooth8 says:

    Man that was fun. I hope we’ll be able to have more of these to come… it’s now up to you guys the listeners and viewers.

  2.  yodathe3rd says:

    hey mayo a liter of it down that shit and i will send some money most likly and no water.

  3.  d0dg3r says:

    that was very nice… go for it mike _:)

  4.  B1gBadDaddy says:

    Great first stunt, can’t wait for more!

  5.  Canuck102 says:

    Lol… Great stuff.

    Wonder if it would be any easier if you snorted it?

  6.  Mayhem says:

    That mo fo REEEEAALY wants a PS3.

    One of the challenges HAS to be a Jar Of Mayonaise.

  7.  yodathe3rd says:

    he cheated you can’t use water thats some old bullshit.

  8.  FnA says:


    Expect my stunt in a week or two.

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