Episode 24 – Using a Spare Thumbstick

Episode 24 – Using a Spare Thumbstick

The Overseas Connection Podcast is short a man this week, so we break into the closet and pullout a spare Thumbstick to fill the shoes of Chin Chinny.  Join Murphys Law, Big Bad Daddy, FandA Eternal and special guest host Andockski as we delve into: this weeks breaking news, new game releases, the “rant” segment and a new segment titled “Geek or Geek Shiek”.

Topics & Games discussed:

Question of the Week: Which added “pack-in” feature to consoles do you think is most crucial for a console to have? Built-in Wifi, Included HDMI, Included Headset, Free Online, Wireless Controllers or something else?

Topics Covered This Week:

  • Halo 2 Keeping Original Xbox Live Alive, Limiting Friends Lists
  • Guitar Hero 5 Backwards Compatibility Revealed
  • Best Buy Testing Price Matching Used Games
  • Iwata: Vitality Sensor coming ‘not too late’ in 2010
  • Rumor: Spielberg looking to produce Halo movie
  • French retailer claims PS3 Slim is real, will be €100 cheaper
  • Sports Illustrated subscription and Madden 10 bundled for only $49
  • 50 Cent to make cameo appearance in Modern Warfare 2
  • Activision reaches settlement over Brutal Legend release

Download and enjoy!

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