Chin Chinny

Chin Chinny

Hey everyone, I like games,,, what you want more detail? ok I like good games?? What, that not good enough ok fine.
Rather than this be the standard “These are the games I like” I’m gonna tell you what I don’t like. JRPG’s, I’ve tried to like these games, I really have and I will continue to try, but the story is often so dumb, the characters are so two dimensional, and if its a turned based combat then I find myself more interesting in going to a Barry Manilow concert.
Next up RTS’s, its not that I think that RTS’s are bad, its just I’m really crap at them. I can never beat the AI let alone try multiplayer. Before Halo Wars came out I said that I was gonna try and master it and pwn some seriously butt online, but I’ve yet to play it.
Last game genre on my hit list is MMO’s, they all seem to need a large investment time, which I can’t be arsed with. Plus the most successful ones base their theme around fantasy setting. APB and the Star Wars The Old Republic are the only MMOs that has ever taken my eye.
I live in lovely old England where if it doesn’t rain for one week it means it summer!
Apart from Games I enjoy sports such as Boxing, Snooker and Golf. I also enjoy reading, watching movies and comedy

My favorite single player game is : Final Fantasy 7,,, only joking its Half Life 2
My favorite Multiplayer game is: Call of Duty 4
My Old School favorite game is: Goldeneye 007

My favourite Book is: The Metamorphosis

My Favourite Movie is: Back To The Future part I, II and III (it’s all one film, trust!)

Favourite Comedy show: Bottom, The Office (UK), Big Train and Red Dwarf

My favourite Foot is: My right one

My favourite word on this page is: pwn

If you’ve read this far then,,, why!